Broadway musicals have ruined my life in the best way possible


I think that Kristin really really loved Idina and that just gives me so many feelings don’t even look at me


Katie Rose Clarke and Lindsay Mendez 


Katie Rose Clarke and Lindsay Mendez 

Okay can we just talk about this. freaking. video. First of all, I was blown away by watching this just now because I’ve seen it before but only now did I notice some of these things, and they hit me HARD. Something about it makes me believe that they aren’t even acting, and here’s why.

Right when they first show Kristin in the video, it’s evident that she’s trying to hold back tears - anybody who can pick up on others’ emotions will notice that, you can see it in her facial expressions. One could argue that this is just her really good acting, but I think she is legitimately crying, because around 0:17-0:20 she tries to regain some kind of composure but she ends up pouting again. A few seconds later, she smiles again, and she seems fine for a moment but after she breaks from singing she looks like she’s swallowing nervously. Her next notes are strained and cut short, and obviously we KNOW that Kristin is an amazing singer so it’s not just her voice; she is seriously having a difficult time with not crying.

Then, the way she’s looking at Idina. After around 0:17, she doesn’t even break eye contact with her until around 0:37, when her notes don’t come out. Then she goes back to staring at her, and to me the expression on her face is peculiar. She’s visibly upset but she also seems very, very nervous for some reason. Then when Idina reaches out her hand, Kristin quickly reaches out hers and Idina quickly takes it, pulling her towards her, and when she starts singing to her it seems like she is trying to convince her of something. She repeatedly makes sure that Kristin is looking at her, and she pats her hand as well. And then, if you go back and just watch Kristin’s facial expressions while she’s looking at Idina from 0:47 on, well… well I just can’t describe that in words bYE

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I’ll help you be popular!!~♪


I’ll help you be popular!!~


Elsa and Anna singing “What is This Feeling”…

Or Glinda and Elphaba singing the reprise for “For the First Time in Forever”…

"Frozen" - Disney’s way of making "Wicked" without needing the rights.

  • Elphaba Thropp: it's time to trust my instincts, close my eyes, and leap
  • Maureen Johnson: a leap of faith
  • Elizabeth Vaughn: you said to leap, and I leapt


it’s all fun and games until act 2


Elphaba and Glinda could have saved so much time and energy if they talked about all their queer feelings at the end of What is the Feeling and decided to kiss each other’s cute faces